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Only the best material can promise good quality

Jul. 05, 2018

Best raw material:

           - major from Malaysia & Taiwan

A tire, in fact, is made of more than 200 raw materials (substances). In the production process, all these materials is mixed in a certain percentage after accurate calculating. Between these, major material including natural rubber,carbon black, bead wire and so on..

Natural rubber promise the tires’ high elasticity and abrasion resistance performance. While, carbon black increase the tire’s life and help rubber to bond when vulcanizing. Bead wire is help to make tire body even stronger and increase loading capability.

We believe only good quality raw material can ensure our solid tire’s stable quality. So we insist on using best materials. Natural rubber is importing from Malaysia, and carbon are purchased form Taiwan Continental Carbon.(No. 5 Carbon Black Plant in global). Steel wire is also purchasing from Top -10 factory based in China,

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